Leanne trained as a gymnast from the age of three and her love for movement, health and wellbeing led to her completing a BSc degree in Human Kinetics and Ergomonics from Rhodes University. Whilst traveling in the UK she discovered osteopathy and embarked on a 5 year Master’s programme, graduating in 2014 from the world renowned University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy). Leanne has recently returned to Johannesburg after fifteen years in the UK and has started up her own practice.

Leanne has worked in a variety of health care settings. During her student years she volunteered at the Chapman Clinic and Royal Free Hospital, both specialist clinics in providing osteopathic care for HIV positive patients. She also spent time in specialist pregnancy and children’s clinics. After moving to Scotland she worked with the former squad physiotherapist for Scotland and the British and Irish Lions.


Leanne has a structural approach to treatment and works closely with biokineticists and Pilates instructors to achieve the best outcome for her patients. Leanne is passionate about getting her patients out of pain quickly and assisting them to achieve their goals; whether it is relieving pregnancy aches and pains, achieving a personal best at the park run (at which you will regularly see her), getting through a day in the office or just being able to walk around the garden pain free.

Leanne has a keen interest in women’s health and has attended several seminars on osteopathy and pregnancy. Having had her own share of pregnancy related back pain she is only too aware of the challenges faced by expectant mothers and how osteopathic treatment can benefit women at this important and exciting time in their lives.

Leanne is registered with the Allied Health Professionals Council (SA).

Osteopathy is recognised by most medical aid companies in South Africa.